Cindy Permatasari


Specialist: Ducth Teacher
Experience: 1 Years

Total: 0 Lesson(s)



Jakarta, 17 November 1995
S1 Sastra Belanda
Privat dutch teacher & Team Promotion Extra Bimbel
motto hidup: Nil volentibus arduum (nothing is impossible to the valiant)
ENFP Personality
(+) energetic, ethusiasm, curious, open-minded, passionate, strongly believe in dreams, love to learn, have strong willpower, take a risk, good listener, dedicated to serve people, patient and positive
– interest: culture, hospitality, food, dancing, travel and beauty pageant.
Kang Nong Kabupaten Tangerang 2015 (Tourism ambassadors of Tangerang Regency 2015)
Kang Nong Banten 2016 (Tourism ambassadors of Banten Province 2016)

Putri Pariwisata Nusantara – Banten 2017 (Tourism ambassadors of Nusantara 2017)